viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010


This has been a frenetic week. It seems that flibug and Perl Mongers meet at the same week every month.

But first things first.

Monday: Erlang.

I attended to the first class of an introductory erlang course. For the moment, we only looked at erlang syntax (btw, it sucks), and some points of functional programming. Pattern matching, tail recursion, consing, lists, and some erlang's BIFs to manage lists (we have neither while nor for). I'll expand a bit more on erlang on a future post.

Wednesday: Flibug.

A small and familiar meeting. Thomas H. Marc-André L., Andrew B., Andy W and me. As always, we talked about what we are hacking on lately and did some lightning talks.

  • I did my first lightning talk, about making GUIs using plt-scheme. A bit simple for the general level of flibug talks, but well, I think it's a good way to start doing talks. And probably, Thomas will do a talk next month on an alternative way to write GUIs in scheme. I'll post about it in a future post.
  • Andrew B. talked about an app he did some time ago in OCaml to apply morphologic filters to images. Pretty interesting but I couldn't understand the details. All in all, I think I got a good overview and I got 'the message': "functional pays off more times than we think".
  • Wingo showed us some interesting parts of guile code. Mostly the evaluator, and he explained us the multilevel scheme compiler/interpreter (c -> scheme -> scheme). He also showed us the guile-gtk bindings.
Great meeting, as always, and it makes you feel like hacking more and more.

Thursday: Breakout && Barcelona Perl Mongers.

After $work, I went to borneo bar, the place where this month's Breakout was held. Some chitchat while having lunch with other smalltalkers, then some hacking, and at 20:00, we had a PerlMongers meeting.
  • Alexm brought some round tuits for us. He explained some of his experiences at last FOSDEM.
  • Esteve did a talk about FluidDB implementation and it's intended usage. Pretty cool stuff, and little by little, I think I start to understand the amplitude of the concept.
  • Fxn ended the session with a talk on his Net::FluidDB module, and the difficulties he had to coerce floats,ints and booleans between fluiddb and Perl. He talked about some Perl internals I didn't know. And he's a great speaker, so it's always a pleasure to hear.
  • It was probably the most crowded PM meeting I've been to. It was a really great meeting.

You see... pretty busy week, isn't it? Well, in fact, at $work I've been busy too, reading about evolving graphs in genetic algorithms. I've done some literature fetching on GA parallelization.

My brain's gonna explode in 5, 4, 3, 2,.... Ah no, I'm just in coma.

Btw, when writing this post, I've started a new tiny tool which I called LinkAdder, that's just intended to add some common html links I insert over and over on my posts. Its repo is here. It's a very simple translator for now, but I have some ideas for it.

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