jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2021

Good Job Aaron

Today I read this HN thread about YJit and Tenderjit that is a great lesson, and there's a comment there, someone describing some traits of his. I'm quoting it here just to read it from time to time when I review my posts:

I've had the pleasure of meeting Aaron at a number of ruby confs. He's supportive from the largest all the way to the smallest.

My personal favorite thing he'll do is ask conference speakers questions that make the speaker look good/best-light-possible. Something slightly technical/challenging, not fully covered in the talk but definitely something the speaker can handle.

To be able to do this consistently means he knows the topic better than the speaker themselves (at least this has been true when I've been there).

This is in contrast to people who ask "gotcha" questions. Spend 3-4 minutes showing off their knowledge and then finally getting to the question which is to stump the speaker. I hate these kinds of people at conferences the most.


Shouldn't be hard, right? supporting people and trying to make them feel engaged and well about what they do, let people shine without having to point out that "actually,....", or "as I said in an earlier thread....", or ... you know.... 

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