jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2021

Small little grep+edit trick

This is so small, but so huge....

It's like many other finders you find in your editor of choice, but because it's such a generic and minimalistic tool, I keep up using it tenths of times a week.

Idk, this is more composable and functional and succinct than many things I find in the wild that claim to be so. 

And it is damn useful!

Also, even it's 4 lines of code, there's probably a thing or two you can probably learn from those. Here are some things I like and why I think it's High Quality Shit:

- It's short, you can inspect the words  it contains, and if you get more or less the programs it calls, it can only do one thing.

- It solves a real problem

- It has high density. All words there mean something, there's 0 boilerplate

- It is composed of smaller parts. It feels Forth-y

- The way it's composed is subtly nice (the existence of "e" function is needed to compose it that way)

- It's as configurable as the program it uses to grep. It inherits its flags

- It inherits its auto-completions

- You can learn a bunch of things from it

- It fits in your head

- It has that Iversonian "suggestivity"

- I wrote it, so it has that IKEA effect on me

Many more things like that in https://raimonster.com/scripting-field-guide/

Oh! I found https://github.com/junegunn/fzf/blob/master/ADVANCED.md#ripgrep-integration which is an even more advanced version of it. Not as cute though

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