miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2021

Oh Yes You Can Use Regexes to Parse HTML!

This is Perl, and regexes, and parsing, so if you enjoy those kinds of things, you'll love the comment on this HN Thread. that points to this insane "oh yes, you can use regexes to parse HTML" .

Wow. We've seen all the "you can't parse html with regexes",  and if you were into Perl and knew about the superpowered regexes, you knew it was possible. 

And you might even remember that Damian Conway's Regex::Grammars was some amazing weird Conway thing that twisted regexes just to test their limits.  

Or, my Meta-II compiler implemented in a Perl regex...


But it's great to see all those twistings of the common tools. 

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