miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2021

Shell Tricks: ripgrep -U and $(!!)

Because learning the tools is an ongoing task, just two simple helpers for your daily terminal usage:

Finding matches in two consecutive lines. I used to do that in Perl, using multiline matches, but it involves remembering the Perl one-liner incantations....

 Well, I found that rg -U enables multiline matches, so you can do stuff like:

rg -U 'doseq.*\n.*deftest' test

To find tests wrapped in doseq.

Another cool shell trick I discovered by myself was $(!!).  

I have this helper function that greps my $HISTFILE, to find old usages of commands. I use it like ctrl-r, sort of:

rg --no-filename "$@" ~/.zhistory

I use it sometimes with fzf, and many times, when I select the commad, I realize I want to run it.  Well, there are more optimal ways to do it (fzf can run the command), but I liked discovering $(!!), that reruns your last command (the rg ..|fzf), and will run its output.

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